BMW Driving Experience in New Zealand is modelled on BMW's official Driving Experience programmes in Europe. It aims to give owners an active and dynamic drive experience that provides excitement, education and entertainment in a controlled and safe environment.

BMW Driving Experience teaches participants to appreciate and understand the limits of technology and driving skill. At the same time it allows them to assess and overcome potential hazards, in particular by avoiding such risks from the start.

It is only with this basic knowledge of safety related principles and the laws of driving dynamics that drivers can really understand and appreciate the actual situations they experience on the road and in training.

Under the guidance off expert instructors, you will acquire valuable experience that will equip you perfectly to master the challenges of everyday driving conditions. Learn to venture beyond your limits performing advanced driving manoeuvres.


In 1977 BMW Germany became the first vehicle manufacturer in the world to offer professional driver training. BMW has consistently improved and developed Driving Experience programmes in the ensuing years.

Today, BMW Driving Experience is a truly international initiative for greater safety on the roads with courses conducted across the world including Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and South Africa. The New Zealand programme has been developed drawing on the accumulated experience of those 30 years of driver training.

Driving Experience Basics

The Advanced 1 course prepares you for typical situations and hazards in urban traffic. It teaches the basic requirements for optimum control of the vehicle and provides practical experience on traffic and hazard situations.

A combination of driving manoeuvres are practised in the slalom against the clock. You will also explore the optimum line around bends as you are guided by a pace car around the track.

Once you have successfully completed the BMW NZ Advanced 1 Driving Experience course you are then eligible to participate in the Advanced Level 2 course. The BMW Advanced 2 Driving Experience course is an action-packed day with instruction cornering and braking techniques at higher speeds and challenging and faster slalom exercises and advanced pursuit lapping.

Where to Start

Students begin with Advanced 1. Upon completing Advanced 1 they may then refine their skills as they progress to the Advanced 2 Course designed to ensure total mastery of the vehicle.

Special Advanced 3 Courses will also be offered throughout the year for those who have mastered Advanced 2.



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